Complete metamorphosis

Complete metamorphosis: Beauty & Wellness 

This unique treatment brings you a massage at the same time, physical energy and having an action on the system of four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and energy) and a lifteur care or service (as you wish) for your face. 

Aesthetic and energy transformation in 1 hour. 

For your Wellness 

By its action on the spinal reflex area in the feet, hands and head, the Metamorphic Technique reconnects to the prenatal period. This simple contact facilitates the passage of energy, frees up memory and allows the unconscious barriers that could be put in place during pregnancy. This is a key to access greater inner freedom and to activate our self-healing potential. It promotes development of our whole being who finds his free will and his capacity for autonomy. 

For your Beauty 

  • Perfect Mask Lift: Lift carefully and express firmness. This treatment tightens, firms and instantly repair the effects of time on épiderne. Indeed, the extract of Kigelia Africana has a powerful firming effect, handed the Quillaja Saponaria extract rich in flavonoids promotes hydration, enhances skin elasticity and prevents cellular aging. or 
  • Collagen Mask DNA Repair + Activator. This collagen mask allows, firstly, to effectively moisturise the skin due to the ability of collagen and glycosaminoglycans, contained in the activator to bind water. On the other hand, marine DNA extracts stimulate cell regeneration and prevents visible signs of photoaging.



"Merci Marion pour ces moments de détente, quel bonheur! J'ai essayé plusieurs soins mais le KoBiDo est à  tester absolument... un massage facial qui provoque ensuite une détente totale, enfin bref, il faut tout essayer..."
"Quel bonheur que ces massages, qui procurent constamment une merveilleuse et durable sensation de bien-être, à la fois plénitude et vide complet, atténuation des tensions et recharge d\'énergie ! Professionnalisme, savoir-faire, écoute attentive, implication : autant de qualités réunies ici, de surcroît dans une ambiance des plus agréables. Bravo et merci encore Marion"
"Un massage du visage et plus rien n'existait. Un moment de détente ou je me suis laissé aller pendant une heure .. Au point de vraiment vraiment dormir mais sans dormir. Bref difficile de decrire.. Je recommande ce massage à tout le monde .. J'ai hâte d'essayer un autre traitement, car ce n'est que bénéfique. Marion merci encore pour ce moment de détente."
"Kobido! This is the "must" for the busy woman who wishes to endulge for an hour of total relaxation and wonderful facial rejuvenating treat. Though the face it\'s the center of attention your total body relaxes! I had my first Kobido experience today and I am thrilled ... still on cloud 7 after 4 hours! It helped me totally relax and recharge my batteries and I am so much more efficient this afternoon ! Thank you Marion for this wonderful treat ! !"
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