Espace Coquelicot Geneve Espace Coquelicot Geneve


Are you looking to take good care of yourself ?

We offer well-being through metamorphic massage , Japanese anti-aging facial massage also known as " Kobido " , 5 elements massage, magnetism, Reiki and other delights for the body and mind ...

... or we can also support you in your work to change what is not working in your life, with a biological decoding or personalized coaching.

Caring for others is first of all learn how to take care of yourself. It is to become free and united, is to become a partner, a complete person who does not get lost in relation with one another, who accepts herself with everything she is. Successful married life, professional carrier , personal relationships or children's education begins within yourself, with your own relationship. Feeling good about yourself!

At " Espace Coquelicot " we will guide you to pamper yourself, help you listen to your body, heart and your mind's need . With our facial massage " Kobido " , or our magnetism, Reiki, a personalized coaching to work on the blocked emotions or biological decoding. We balance your energies, re-programs your cells and erase the old trauma which allows you to release obstacles that prevents you to fully realize and live your life.

You will live the poppy metamorphosis !


Because this flower (poppy) is fleeting and vulnerable and yet it stands upright, pointing skywards. It has an intense color, it is fully itself. It blooms wherever its seeds arise at the scree field of wheat, the edges of the road to the depth of large meadows. She is able to find what he needs in the land where it takes root, it does not need watering or fertilizer, it welcomes the rain of heaven. She does not fear the sun or aridity. She knows when she gave clear what it was called upon to give.