Since my childhood I loved taking care of others. My parents, other family members, friends, animals, etc ... As an adult I have been volunteering to take care of others, I took courses to improve my way of helping my entourage. I took care of everyone, my husband, my children, my colleagues, my superiors, etc ... and one day life has meant to me before this evidence, I could not really be effective in my support to others, if I wasn't taking of myself first.

To understand this, I had to go through an illness and an operation that locked me in silence for more than 12 months. And as if that was not enough, I also had to lose my job Marketing Manager in a large company and my 40 colleagues who were so important to me. Today, after taking care of myself, I can finally put into practice everything I learned (Reiki Master Therapist biological decoding, Coach, Mediator, Therapist Japanese massage). Caring for others, taking care of my clients with empathy and unconditional love, to accompany the path of Espace Coquelicot. And this only because I also take care of myself!


If you want to take care of someone, offer that special person someone a visit at Espace Coquelicot.

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