Kobido is one of the most effective beauty techniques. Its regular practice allows to prolong or to find the youth of the face. It consists of forty techniques and alternates digital pressure, percussion and movements slipped on the nuqze, neck and face.

Next courses:

19/20 january 2020; 29/30 march 2020; 24/25 may 2020

This course is held over 2 days (16 hours). Places are limited to 6 participants per session to ensure good training.

 Price for both days CHF 780.-



This introduction to magnetism takes place over four evenings 2:30 each, you have 1 week time to practice and integrate what you've learned. Next sessions (only in french) : 

wednesdays: (6:30 pm - 9.00 pm)






Topics include:

- Intuition (we will make excercises to develop your intuition)

- Dowsing (how to use a pendulum)

- The 7 chakras

- Magnetism (theory and practice)

- The different ways to magnetize

This course is a single unit and requires commitment, to the extent possible, for 4 nights. Space is limited to 4 participant (s), in order to ensure a very good coaching. A pendulum will be offered and you will receive a complete record of the course because little time is dedicated to the theory, we will focus primarily on practice. It is by practicing that one learns best.

Price : CHF 125.- par soirée




Dowsing is a means of knowledge based on intuition. The knowledge we have of reality usually passes by 3 votes: Sensory - Intellectual - Intuitive. Most often dowsing is used to find out what is not visible to the naked eye: groundwater, organic weakness, lost property etc ... 

Dowsing uses media: Pendulum, rods, mental images or her own body. In this course we will study mainly the use of the pendulum, the most common dowsing tool. 

The following topics will be covered: 

  • The choice of a clock 
  • Learn to use a pendulum
  • The magnetic sensors of the human body 
  • Use different exercises (eg searching for lost items ....) 
  • Become familiar with different boards dowsing 

This course will lead you to go easier freely. From this information you will make your own way in growing your own sensitivity. 

This course takes place over 4 hours on saturdays from 9:30  to 12:30  (maximum 4 participants)

Course Dates: 11 january 2020; 14 march 2020; 23 may 2020

A pendulum will be offered during the training

You also can ask for a privat lesson (2 participants CHF 230.- each)

Price : CHF 180.-